Whistleblowing: Reporting to the Supervisory Board.

FAST Assembler S.r.l., in order to promote the culture of legality and to combat behavior that does not comply with the Company’s Code of Ethics, makes available to all its stakeholders a “Whistleblowing” reporting management system which involves the compilation of a document The data entered will be managed in full compliance with the protection of the identity of the reporting person.

The document allows you to report – even anonymously – violations, presumed or known, of rules, laws, procedures, company policies, as well as illegitimate behaviour, guaranteeing, as previously mentioned, the maximum confidentiality of the person making the report.

To send a report you can fill out the form below, together with consulting the information letter and the document explanatory of the procedure.

Gender equality policy

The Gender Equality Policy defined by the Top Management of FAST Assembler S.r.l., in coordination with the Steering Committee, defines the principles, objectives and guiding indications that define the organisation’s commitment towards issues relating to gender equality. gender, the valorization of diversity and female empowerment,¬†and is applicable to all internal staff and external staff who collaborate continuously with the organization.